Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove

Dimplex Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove B0001WJ5TEI9ZDT1 | For instant warmth plus ambiance, this portable electric stove features patented flame technology for the 3D effect of a realistic-looking fire, complete with dancing flames, but without the hassle of cut wood, an open flame, propane, or fumes. The freestanding unit does not require venting or a chimney, and no combustion means no greenhouse gasses–just plug it in to any standard household outlet and turn it on for economically heating a living room, bedroom, or other cozy place in the home. The unit’s fan-forced heater quickly and quietly distributes up to 5,115 BTUs of soothing warmth, while its adjustable thermostat allows for maintaining personal comfort levels. The stove can also provide a glowing fire without heat for visual enjoyment year-round. Concealed controls offer a clean look and a remote control comes included for turning the unit on or off from anywhere in the room. The 1500-watt electric stove measures approximately 11-2/7 by 20 by 23-1/8 inches. ( see more … )

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  • Electric stove with 3D flame technology for a realistic-looking fire
  • Fan-forced heater distributes 5,115 BTUs of heat; no venting required
  • Adjustable thermostat; fire effect with or without heat; concealed controls
  • Freestanding, portable design; on/off remote control included
  • Measures approximately 11-2/7 by 20 by 23-1/8 inches

Q6JZ1 Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove

Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove

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