DeLonghi TCH6590ER Ceramic Tower Heater

DeLonghi DeLonghi TCH6590ER Ceramic Tower Heater B000G1CXZ819Q7 | The DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater features 2 heat flow settings. Choose the HIGH (1500 Watts) or LOW (825 Watts) setting. Adjustable thermostat lets you easily select and maintain a desired level of comfort. The Anti-freeze settings allow you to never get bitter cold again. The anti-freeze setting automatically turns the heater on when the room temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. This heater includes a safety thermal cut ¿off, just one more way to ensure product safety. If the unit becomes too warm, it automatically turns off. No need to worry about overheating. The electronic temperature managment senses the room temperature. Just set your desired comfort level and this intelligent heater will maintain a constant temperature. The motorized oscillation oscillates from side to side , allowing you to warm every corner of the room. This unit features a handy remote control so you can change the units operation from anywhere in the room. ( check more … )

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  • Flat Tower Design
  • Electronic Controls with Large Digital Display
  • Motorized Oscillation
  • Adjustable Thermostat with remote control
  • 3 Heat Flow Settings

WBF61 DeLonghi TCH6590ER Ceramic Tower Heater

DeLonghi TCH6590ER Ceramic Tower Heater

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