Optimus H-5230 Portable Tower Quartz Heater

Optimus Optimus H-5230 Portable Tower Quartz Heater B002S58RTGVZL0GL | Enjoy the incredible warmth and efficiency of the Optimus Tower Quartz Heater throughout the cold winter months. The unit has instant, sun-like warmth to efficiently deliver soothing radiant heat for economical comfort and convenience. Using less energy than a conventional heater, the radiant heater’s user-friendly control knob allows for turning the unit on or off and for selecting the heat setting; choose from low (750 watts) or high (1500 watts) heat. Even more, the unit provides an integrated carrying handle for convenient transport from one location to the next–use it on the porch in the evenings, in the basement or garage when working on projects, or at a cabin on the weekends. For peace of mind, the unit will turn off automatically if it gets knocked over accidentally with the tip-over saftey switch or if overheating occurs with the overheat protection circuit ad warning alert light. Other highlights include cool-touch housing and ultra-quiet operation. The Tower Quartz Radiant… ( read more … )

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  • Instant, sun-like warmth
  • Radiant heat source
  • 2 heat settings – low (750 watts) and high (1500 watts)
  • Automatic reset temperature limit control
  • Cool touch housing and ultra-quiet operation

MIPJH Optimus H-5230 Portable Tower Quartz Heater

Optimus H-5230 Portable Tower Quartz Heater

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